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Sandy Willow

Sandy Willow

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The Sandy Lashcious range of false eyelashes by Chique Cosmetics is made of 100 per cent human hair! So you can expect the softest, fluffiest falsies. These reusable lashes are also easy to apply and reusable so long as you look after them. Sand Willow is for the wearer who yearns for a little volume, but a whole lot of length.

1. Cruelty-free

2. Reusable

3. Light and soft

4. Safe to use



Made of 100 per cent Human Hair


How to

Check the fit by aligning the band with the natural lash line.
Trim excess if necessary.
Apply adhesive along the band and leave to set for 30 seconds or until lash glue is tacky.
Apply lashes along the lash line and press in place to secure.